Monday, December 24, 2007

merry christmas eve

today was good. my worst time of day being sick lately is in the morning until around noon. but after that I went to walgreens with andrew and then fnished the sachets. I also made deviled eggs, which i added way too much mustard to. too bad my taste buds are all out of wack and i cant tell. anyway, they looked pretty in my pink pyrex. last night i made sugar cookies, which are pretty cute, but i want to get better at my decorating technique.
then bunny and i went to my moms and everything was waiting for us and we had turkey and mashed potatoes, she made cute little cheese logs and sent us home with one. she also made the rice pudding she used to make for us growng up, with cinnamon sticks in it.
it was lovely, then we opened presents and drank coffee. i was on a budget, so i made gift packages for my everyone my moms had 3 sachets, a framed photo of our family at my wedding. marque's had a purse, sachets, lipstick, and a check for ten dollars. darlines had vanilla candles, sachets, lotion, and some fancy dark chocolate.
casey got a pocket knife, gift card for camping supplies, a japanese woodblock print book, a set of mLuxe organic soap w/ goats milk, honey, and almonds. very beautiful.
i got an enraved heart shaped key ring thats actullay pretty cute, a gift tin of homemade rum balls and cookies and candies, a jeweled compact, a makecase thats also suprisingly efficient, money, a framed photo of my niece, and some incensce.
it was fun. i am so tired now.

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