Wednesday, December 26, 2007

back to work

got a late start today, made bunny late for work. it has been hard because i feel a lot better at night and cruddy during the day, so it has been hard to wake up. last night i had wayyy to much much coffee (i think my bro in law andrew and i split 5 pots of espresso!) and so after all the xmas festivities were over and bunny was geekig on the computer, I cleaned out the closet (which had been driving me crazy while i was sick, but had no energy to do anything about it.) and got super organized, so this morning was a little easier on me than normal. i really like it when i get the coffee pot loaded the night before. sometimes i feel as if i am always making coffee! anyways... we have ham to last us about 4 years! i love having lots of meat around.
my mom is out running errands and i am just hanging out answering telephone calls. i am going to get a new north face backpack for school with the gift card we got for xmas. bunny is going to get his book on leopard for the imac. he is really learning a lot on the new computer. his goal is to get a job at the apple store this year. new seasons is a great job, but it is really starting to hurt him physically. plus, his discount is great now at the store, but just think of the discounts on ipod touches, etc!
well, tonight will be left overs of course! i have a bento that has:
ham, stuffing, rice pudding and spinach salad.
i am going to run some errands after work and then take a long walk home, i think.


average rai said...

I know how you feel about the ham. We got a 25 pound ham for Christmas. What does one do with 25 pounds of ham?

Also, it's about time that you start feeling better, lady!

bunbun said...

25 pounds?!!!!!
wow!!! that is my husband's dream!
thank you, i am so freakin tired of being sick!

average rai said...

I would send you and your husband some ham if I could.

Is that your brother-in-law in the picture?

bunbun said...

that's cute! yes that is my brother in law, andrew.
he is very sweet.

average rai said...

He's a cutie too! Ha ha. Shhh. Don't tell.

bunbun said...
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