Sunday, May 18, 2008

Heat makes Oregonians Krazy

It got really hot here this weekend and my brain felt sloshed.

This was in the shade!
What is funny is how crazy people get when the temperature rises here. Portland is notorious for being an overly friendly city. I am really friendly, so are most people I know. Some of my friends who move here from out of town have a hard time adjusting to how nice everyone is. Some people consider North Portland to be "the ghetto" but in reality, there is no ghetto in Portland. But this weekend there was Rap music blasting all night, fights, people partying in corner store parking lots. Portland is a pretty tame city, but in North Portland when the heat comes out, at first, I think people like to pretend they are in LA!
Today I was walking to the grocery store and I hadn't even left my street yet and I overhear "Take her bag...Take her f-ing bag" I thought it was just dialogue, but then I hear"Take her f-ing glasses...and take her f-ing bag....Do it...F-ing do it!" I thought to myself, I am wearing sunglasses, and I have a bag! I look up and there is a young couple, about 15 or 16, white wannabe gangsters. The boyfriend is telling his girlfriend to jump me (rob and beat me up) and she is saying "Nah,Nah,Nah" When I look up, the guy is looking at me and he does a pose (that was in retrospect HILARIOUS) like he is hardcore. And his voice gets louder as he stares straight at me"Take the bitch's glasses..go f-k her up." Then the girl grabbed him and dragged him down the street.
Funny thing is he couldn't tell from across the street that my glasses are less than 5 dollars, and I broke it, so one side is held together by a paper clip! (I am cheap and I had just bought those damn glasses from forever 21) and I had no money on me! I was paralyzed in my tracks, not out of fear, but out of shock..This does not happen on my street. It is the heat, I tell ya! Makes us Oregonians crazy. Even I have been listening to rap ( Jay-z and Kanye are my favorites!!!) all weekend with Casey while sitting on the front porch, drinking champagne and BBQing, but that is because we have been celebrating.
Celebrating what? I cannot say until tomorrow, just in case something happens and it falls through, but that would have to be a freak reason. Lets just say all my hard work this week really paid off! I will post about it tomorrow evening....!!!!!
Here is a picture of me about 15 minutes after the incident. Don't I look like too sweet of a person to want to rob? I guess my glasses are just way too cool, LOL!

Not too much baking this week, actually none at all unless you count my bread machine bread, which I really don't count. (unless I do a fancy mixture, which I haven't) It has been so hot that I haven't wanted to use the oven unless necessary. Most of our food is consumed in the early morning and after 9:30 at night, which we having been using our little tabletop grill out on our porch for every dinner. So much fun, We made these lemongrass skewers,
they were yummy and reminded me of food you get from a Bento stand where they cook everything in a huge fire pit.

We also made brie hamburgers stuffed with blue cheese, grilled onions, and herbs from our garden, but I have no pics.
Here is one of our front porch breakfasts:

The heat may be frying my brain because I thought my waffle looked like a monster with his tongue sticking out!

Not much happened this weekend besides all lot of walking, laying out in the backyard

and Nigel got his quarterly makeover.



mushroommeadows said...

I am so glad that nothing bad happened to you! Geez, kids have no respect these days. :(

Anyway, Nigel is a cutie pie. :)

mushroommeadows said...

Oh yeah...your sunglasses are cool. haha :)

rohit said...

no need or no words i get to write after i saw your blog , nice blog , i suppose are you very busy with your work ,these lines is saying by your work , nice work you have done.

keep it up in forward direction

god bless you

Hey Harriet said...

Wow, I can't believe how calm you are about that incident with the wannabe thuggie couple. Very relieved you are ok & no harm came to you!

Haha! re the waffle monster! You should make a short film featuring them, "Attack of the Killer Waffle Monsters" & you can eat the delicious little characters once you've completed the film :D

Those dogs are real cuties. The top tan coloured one looks like my dog Sophie, except Sophie is a different colour. & I like Nigel's blankie!

M.KATE said...

Hey Holly!! My goodness and I thought we only have them here! They came in pairs in a bike and they either snatch your purse or slash and snatch. However, you were cool as a cucumber...the shades sure looks good on you, very Jackie O hehehe.

I love how you and Casey hang out...I could too if but then my 3 stooges would want to hang out with us, so it wont be so romantic?! Love all the pictures, be young a carefree, so nice.

I've completed the 'package' to you today, so I am off to the post office to send it off and hope it reaches you safely, let me know when you get it :)

That Nigel is really cute..reminds me to trim my rabbits (they've not been cleaned, trimmed or bathe forever!!).

Here's a nice week ahead to you, big hug to you and Nigel too :)

M.KATE said...

and that HEAT!! wow, feels almost like here!! but the humidity is high, so we kind of sweat like a pig (hahaha) at times, and I was sweating like one when I was at Cambodia..phew, never been under zeee hot sun for SOOO LONG!!

Do pop over one day to this side of the pond OK, all you need is the ticket, accomodation is FOC with me. Bye !!

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Awesome foods! took alot great shot of your dog pics =)

Emily said...

You look like a star in that sunglasses...I'm glad you are fine....but the way you describe the incident really makes it hilarious :D

average rai said...

I'm so glad you didn't get mugged! :) I love Nigel's haircut. He actually looks pretty bad ass. I kinda want to call him Spike. But I won't. Beautiful pictures as always.

Milkberry said...

Your sunnies are wicked!! I love it! Unfortunately for me I don't have your face-shape so I can't wear those. You look ubercool with those though!

Wow 34C. That's like Malaysian's weather (all the time).

It's nice to be able to BBQ outside! We don't have a yard. Can we come over to your place and have a BBQ? LOL~

Btw, yes the waffle looks like a pig monster or ogre with it's tongue sticking out/cut. Gruesome!

Tizzalicious said...

I love the cheap glasses :P

And I'm glad nothing really happened. Kids can be so crazy!

Amanda said...

That waffle totally looks like a monster! I saw that right away, before you even wrote about it! That's scary that you could have been mugged - funny how you wrote about it though. :) I worry about you a little, walking everywhere like you do. Just keep looking bad-ass and cute with your sunglasses and no one should mess with you. ;)

amy said...

Holy cute sunglasses!
That couple was Marty and I. I wanted those sunglasses so I told him. He's all like "Take her f-ing sunglasses then, while you're at it, take her f-ing bag." I was like "no, I just said I like her glasses geez, I don't even want her f-ing bag"
So you see, those hoodrats that you saw were not even from Portland. (which I recently heard is one of the greatest places to live btw)
Oh, rohit, thanks a lot, I don't feel special anymore because you said the same about my blog! Yeah rohit "you keep it up in forward direction too" whatever that means.

Have fun bowling!

P.s. I can't wait to hear the fabulous news!

ling239 said...

i guess the sun glasses made u looks RICH !! hahahaaa...
take care ya ~ ^_^

bunbun said...

Hey Everyone,

I know I said that I would post my big news tonight and i should have kept my mouth shut! Everything is still fine, but I have to wait until friday at the latest. Seems like everyone involved got a little excited ad there are more details to sort out! I am tired of being so cryptic, so ear is a little bit. It is for a job that is working for the top 12 surgeons of Oregon. They are also professors at OHSU. It is a very special job and the location is close to my house.
They are doing the background checks and putting together my package before a formal announcement is made, but I have to say it was the best interview I have ever had. I felt calm and relaxed. The goal was to start this Tuesday, my hopefully future boss contacted me today and said that she will give me her announcement before friday. I have a feeling that she told me more than she had to, because it was sent after hours. This is all I can think about, everyone! Thank you for such positive remarks. I know most everyone doesn't know me personally, so I really appreciate it all!
I have had a hard concentrating on anything lately! I keep thinking something will happen to screw it all up.
Anyways, enough about me,

Amy- You crack me up, as always! I saw that on your page before you left a comment on mine and I almost said something, but I couldn't think of a way to say it!
And you and your man came to portland, saw me and all you could do was want to mug me? Sheesh...
Yeah, Portland is the best, but I am partial. I have lived here since I was five.
And I haven't traveled much. But I love Portland, I could never leave for too long.

Harriet, Waffle Monster the Movie, coming straight to DVD soon!

Mkate, Thank you for everything! You are always so kind!
I will talk to you soon, okay!

Average Rai- I missed you!

Milkberry- You and your husband can come over anytime, next time you come to Oregon, LOL! I have seen pics of people in Japan grilling on their tables on their balconies, could you do that on yours? My little grill was purchased at an asian grocery and it can be used indoors, too!

And thank you everyone else, I am happy everyone likes my glasses! Have great Monday/Tuesday and talk to you soon!

nipper said...

Yay! Monster food, doggies, and big flowers! We had a couple of nice weeks here, but then the temp went down to fifty again, and nothing but rain. Enjoy it for us, ok?

kawaii crafter said...

What a crazy story, glad to hear your okay. I once read a statistic that domestic violence increases in hotter weather. So I think your on to something about the heat thing.

the "monster waffle" made me laugh, I see it too

Oiyi said...

The waffles look delicious! I love Nigel's new haircut.

I am so glad nothing bad happened to you. That sounded scary.

M.KATE said...

My dear Holly, tks for the comments and appreciate the favour, a postcard is all I want from you :) ..and one day WHEN (not IF because WHEN you believe that you come, you definitely will) you and Casey pop over to Malaysia, I'll be most happy to have both you and Casey staying with us. Dont worry about sending anything to me.

I am happy about the development of the dream job, happy weekend my good friend :O

kirin said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I'm glad you like Japan.
I'd like to put a link to your blog, if you don't mind. So will you exchange links with me and put a like to my blog at your blogroll?

Title: Fun Japan Life
(The original title is just too long)

It would be nice if you can let me know your OK or not at my blog.

Anyway, reading your post, I should mention that nowadays people are even killed when they get snatched in Japan. This kind of incident happens almost everyday in any part of Japan these days. It used to be called the safest country in the world, now turning into a very dangeraous place to live in...which is so regrettable. It's illegal to own gun in Japan, so people use knife instead as it is available for anyone to reach at a department store or even 100 yen shop.

BTW...I'm relieved to know you were fine after all.

bunbun said...

Hello Kirin! Hajimemashite! Thank you, I have really enjoyed reading your posts with my husband, he loves learning about Japan as well. He especially liked reading about Akihabara, he really wants to go. (so do I)

and I always love learning about Japanese cooking, especially when it is in eigo. Well, I love reading everything that you have to say about Japan life!

Anyways, I would love to link up! Talk to you soon!

Ku said...


Ittei-NAN-nan-darou?! Oregon hit the 90s, and here in Missouri we still haven't broken 80?!

More importantly, you faced scary teenagers. ;_; I think I would have panicked and run away, then written something angry about it and ranted all night about the youth these days. (I like the way you reported it much better.) PLEASE be careful on hot days, and around gangster children, because even young and stupid people can have scary weapons. (´Д`。)

POOR NIGEL! TT-TT At least he'll be cooler, now. I know my dog used to always perk up after a hair cut, even though she looked like she'd been attacked by a mad sheep-shearer... He's very cuddly, either way. ^^

Ku said...

AND ALSO, *deep breath*...

...a cheer for you.

(≧▽≦) BANZAI!
(o-ω-)o*clap clap*o(-ω-o)
(≧▽≦) BANZAI!
(o-ω-)o*clap clap*o(-ω-o)

Aaaaaaa-nata ha kitto saikou!

(≧▽≦) BANZAI!
(o-ω-)o*clap clap*o(-ω-o)
(≧▽≦) BANZAI!
(o-ω-)o*clap clap*o(-ω-o)

Ganbareeeeeeeeee~! \(´▽`)/

I hope you get the news you're waiting for! Let us know!!

dchao said...

Yeah, when I got off the train from MPLS I was still in Minnesota weather so I had a scarf and everything. I got off the train and it was like 90 something degrees!!!! I was so confused. Portland doesn't get that hot. Lol.
It's good to be back though. <3

amy said...

I'm so very excited for you and your new career move. Hopefully you wont be to busy to post about your delicious life and Casey's excellent adventures.
I wanted to let you know that we put our offer in on our house today. Of course I shared this info with my parents, and I don't know you personally, but because we are both going through these big life changing anxiety-filled ordeals, I wanted to share with you as well. I will know by Tuesday (i think) if it has been accepted.

Yes that new picture of the girl kissing a fish is me. I love animals so I kiss all of them, even gorillas and aardvarks. You too can kiss a fish. Next time you go to a koi pond just grab one, kiss it and throw it back. You will have good fortune. Now gimme your sunglasses or I'll stab you sucka.

bunbun said...

Amy, I am so hoping you get the house, you should!
That is sort of our next step, too, and we can't decide whether to go to Japan or buy a house...crazy but exciting times, I am sure you feel me!

I would be honored to kiss a beautiful koi fish! Great idea!

I love animals, too!

You will never ever get my sunglasses, I know carry a shank at all times, so watch your back, b@#ch!

bunbun said...

Thank you KU!!!!

Your little song was so sweet, and I always love all your kawaii emoticons! I am really slow w/ the whole emoticon thing, but i love them! ^ ^!