Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sweet Summer Sunsets

Wow, time is just FLYING! My job has really consumed most of my life this summer so far, but I have to step down from my new promotion soon because there will be no way to go to school with the workload that I currently have. I am grateful that they are willing to accommodate my needs and they are giving me my old position back. I will truly miss the amount of patient interaction I have had. That part has really changed my life, and it will continue to everyday. I have learned to acclimate myself to the sadness, So every night, no matter how tired and weary I am, I ride my bike to meet Casey on North Willamette Blvd. Willamette Blvd is by my house and overlooks the downtown (mainly industrial) part of Portland. We have it timed perfectly that when I arrive, the sun is just about to go down so we sit and watch the sunset, and I have to say, this little ritual has been so good for my soul, it is almost a religious experience! I am a different person on my way back home, my shoulders relaxed and my mind cleared again. The street is pretty quiet and it seems like you are in a little perfect pocket of Portland where cars and annoyances have disappeared.

Still not baking much, we do eat well, but the heat and the time constraints have really put a damper on my baking missions. I did make this Blueberry jam a few days ago.
A blueberry truck at Casey's work accidentally unloaded 900 dollars of blueberries, and I guess there was a free for all, and brought home bag after bag of fresh berries, so I made this jam. I cannot believe how much sugar jam recipes call for! One pound for every pound of fruit, my goodness! I didn't use any sugar because I think fruit is sweet enough. I like tartness anyways. So here is my jam, which I am quite happy with. I used my Zojirushi Bread Machine's Jam setting, so I really don't even feel like I did anything!
Life is great, Summer daydreaming in the backyard and gardening is what we live for,
and best of all, this Saturday we are back on the road again camping!!!


M.Kate said...

hey there :) what can I say except I wish I could do this..cycle and see the sunset...but not possible, well not at the moment!! maybe one day in the future. Sorry about not taking the promo, but you know what's best!! take care :)

Milkberry said...

Hello~ You and Casey just look adorable together! Yeah as m.kate said, too bad about the promotion but sometimes it's just not the right time. Anyways, do your best!

Betty said...

Holly, you are following ideas that most people just think about, good for you, I am so proud of you. Speaking of proud; meeting Casey each night I can't tell you how I want to express my thoughts on how you guys handling your daily life and marriage all I can think of is GOOD JOB! I miss you both!

Betty said...

The "jam" do you know I have never made jam. Save some for me to try the next time I see you, I bet it is really good with peanut butter!

buggins said...

Hi there! I totally understand about the saddness of having to cut back like that. Me, I usually feel guilt along with it.

I'm so glad to hear that you're able to bike up there - and take pics for us! Thank you for sharing such great sunsets!

Ku said...


Also, I adore that picture of the setting sunlight falling on the tree and the house below. It's a beautiful cast of light that is actually somewhat difficult to capture traditionally... or so my photog-major friends always said. o.o

Blueberry free-for-alls are the stuff dreams are made of. :D Do you have any blueberries left? You could make blueberry pie... it's so expensive to get blueberries here, so I can't make even one. ;_; They won't even sell them at the store! I think blueberry pies are super-rare treats for all Missourians these days. :(

The Zoji machine has a JAM setting? Sugei-jya. >_< I need one of those.

bunbun said...

thanks everybody!!! yes, it is sad that I have to step down from my promo, but the bigger picture is so much brighter. Plus what I am stepping down to is not much different. This whole cancer and hernia buisiness is overwhelming and patients deserve someone who can give them the upmost care, which i wont be able to offer while attending school. But everyday my work has given me valuable insight on humanity and taught me to understand so much about people and their lives, which I am extremely grateful for. Except, I really try to distance myself on my off time because I could become totally consumed with the stuff that happens there and let it control me. That is why my little sunset dates with Casey are so important to me, because I can shake most of it off and start fresh the next day.

Betty, I will bring you a jar next time I see you for sure!!!! I have been eating it with almond butter (another one of casey's scores, we have like 6 jars!) and it is addicting. Thank you for your super sweet words, they truly make my day!!! We miss you too, of course!

Ku! That is funny that your b-days are so close together!!!! I do have a lot left and I would love to make a pie. Lets see if I actually do it! I step down in a few weeks, so maybe I will then. You totally need a Zoji! I have a rice cooker, and my treasured bread machine. I got the r. cooker from Ebay, for about 50 bucks cheaper than market price, and it was brand new. You can make all sorts of stuff in it as well. Happy b-day again, and you really need to get away from Missouri it sounds like!!!! Come to Portland! Berries grow like crazy here!!!! They are spendy in the store still, but you can pick on farms for very cheap!!!!!! Thank you for your sweet words about that photo, that was taken on 4th of july and it was a very special moment!
Milkberry- thank you! I love it when people say Do your best!!!! I told a japanese patient that once when I worked at a LASIK clinic and he was very squeamish before his surgery and He laughed and asked me how much anime I watched! He was all sarcastic " I'll do my best, Holly" It was very funny

Mkate, I feel the same when I read your posts, I feel like what can I say!!!??? Everything you write about is beautiful and exotic to me and a lot of times I cannot think of words to describe it!!!

Buggins, thank you for your kind and supportive words, I know you know how it is!!! A lot of women I feel are way too hard on themselves because they feel like they must conquer everything and do it effortlessly. It is hard to break out of that cycle.

Betty said...

Yeah! Jam:) I can't wait..

squall said...

so sweet the summer sunsets....

Amanda said...

Beautiful photos as usual! That's awesome that you guys are so active and do so much together. I think you have a strong relationship as a couple and it makes me happy to see the pictures of all the fun little adventures you take. :) That's great they let you take your old job back, this fall would have been stressful for you!

amy said...

You're so lucky. I love blueberries! I would get as many blueberries as I could and make a blueberry pool, I'd dive into it (like Uncle Scrooge from "duck tales) and swim around in my blueberry vat. I'd look like Violet Beauregarde.

I hope you aren't working yourself too hard, you must enjoy the summer. It's good for your soul to not over do it. You really arent giving anything up by letting go of the promotion. It's good for your mental and physical well being. You'll get right back up there as soon as you're ready.

I love the pictures of the sunset, I wish I had a routine that involved nature on my way home from work. On the otherhand I do have a way shorter commute, I should probably ride my bike to work.

Despite your busyness you really take the time to stop and smell the flowers. (literally) You seem to have a great life balance and you should be proud of that.

amy said...

...speaking of riding bikes, my mom just sent me this link.

it seems rather large, hope it works. They also have a widget that you can add to your blog. Score!

amy said...

ok, sorry for the wonky link.
that should work.

bunbun said...

Squall, well said!!!!

Hi Amanda, yes, the fall would have been very scary!!!! I really am happy about going back to my old job. I could handle it if I didn't have school plans. But I am sure I will have to cut that even eventually. It can be very hard not to get distracted when I am trying to focus on long term goals. When a promotion comes up it is very hard not to get excited and jump for it. But if I want to stick to the plan, then I have to stay focused. A dollar extra an hour isn't enough to want to quit school!

Yes, Casey makes me so happy and makes me motivated to push further in what I do with myself. I hate to sound dependent, but I had no clear focus before we were together. I had a good job and all, but I didn't really think about long term goals.
And quality time with him instantly refreshes me!

Amy, I just checked that website, how great is that??!! I can't wait to sow Casey~!!!!!

Emily said...

hi bunbun
I have not been in the blogging mood lately. Just to update you on the status of your mail, it did not (or have not) reached me. Got no idea what the postman have done to it. Anyhow, thank you for your thoughtfulness.

ling239 said...

glad that u have a way to relax and release all ur pressure...

who is the fren with white hair there ? he is so cute ^_^

buggins said...

(to the tune of "Farmer In The Dell")

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Karin said...

that jam looks lovely - i just made a batch of raspberry and blackcurrant jam myself, yum!

Hey Harriet said...

I like the sound of your perfect pocket of Portland and that's a really sweet ritual you guys have. It seems that you have a nice clear direction of where you're headed & the fact that you can enjoy 'the now' & appreciate all that's around you is a wonderful thing. Very few people seem to be able to do that. I try, but struggle at times ;)

mushroommeadows said...

I hope all goes well with your job position changing (again) and school coming up!

It's always nice to step into the RIGHT perspective...the sunset and bike ride seem to do the trick! :)

kawaii crafter said...

the picture of the bike with the sunset looks so peaceful and for some reason reminds me of Connecticut, must be the openness

what a bread machine, it even has a jam setting? that really was a good find

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