Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Honey and Clover Hiatus

This photo is for Ling239 who had asked me about purple roses....

Hi! My blogger account has been very buggy lately and after many attempts over the last week to post about our recent trip to Mt Hood not working, I gave up. I became slightly embarrased at the time I was spending on trying to fix it. So I have decided to take a little break from blogging and focus more on my flickr account. It makes sense since I actually pay for my flickr. I am just going to do longer and better photo descriptions. The problem with blogger is that it wont let me upload photos (more than one) and I pretty much use blogger to post photos, so it has left me high and dry. ( i have a no post without photos rule for myself)
Anyways, summer is speeding along too fast to worry about petty things like uploading photos. I am still going to stay in touch with all my blogging friends via their pages, so please don't forget about me!!!
This is not the end of Honey and Clover and I think it will only be a few weeks. I love everything about blogging, especially the great blogs I have come across.
If you want to stay in touch with me in the meantime, please contact me via flickr. Flickr is free and I don't believe you even have to have an account to leave a message or comment.
But if flickr isn't your thing and you want to wait till I come back here to say what's up to me, that is cool, too!
I have gotten a few emails asking me what Honey and Clover means. It is one of my favorite Japanese movies, or favorite movie in general. If you have a chance to watch it, please do. I have a weird phobia of watching movies and television. I think it is boring, so I have to really like something to want to watch it for 2 hours. And Honey stands for Holly and Clover is for Casey. Plus, I just really like Honey, and I really like Clovers.
Anyways, to my blogging friends out there, keep on having a great summer and I will talk to you soon! xoxoxoxo-bunbun


Milkberry said...

Hello Holly, awww that's too bad that you'll be on hiatus. Yeah blogger has been buggy lately but usually you should contact them and tell them the problem. Is it a bx code? If so, lemme paste the link for you. Alright click here.

Oh about honey and clover, if you like the movie you should definitely check out the anime (I prefer the anime, because it stays true to the manga). Plus, there's 2 seasons of it, and the characters are more in depth and Morita is more kawaii!!

Anyways I hope things work out for you and don't leave for too long!!

M.Kate said...

Hiya Holly and Casey,
I did thought you were kidnapped by aliens or something :D ok, I have a flickr account too..though I hardly use them, so I'll hop over soon :D

Great news on the trip!!! Am sending you an email on this :)

Betty said...

Oh my goodness, it is because of you and amanda I started blogging, I hope you decide to come back to posting but I will check you out on flicker in the mean time. MISSING YOU, Betty

Amanda said...

Don't leave forever! I like reading your blog a lot. :) The biggest reason I switched over to Typepad from blogspot is because you can post all the pictures you want. It's 4.95 a month for their cheapest package I think. Hope you're having a fun summer!

mushroommeadows said...

yeah blogger is buggin' me sometimes too. I'll keep an eye on you through flickr for sure!

bunbun said...

Milkberry, Thank you for the link! I will try to figure it out soon!
I have never seen the Honey and clover anime, I will def. have to check it out....Is Morita the guy who is in love w/ his boss? I like all the nerdy sweaters he wears. Actually, I love all the characters style! I think Casey sort of looks like the egotistical sculptor guy in the movie. Japanese movies have such great cinematography and styling, it just blows my mind. I used to watch TONS of anime with Casey, but we havent in awhile. My favorite are CLAMP manga and anime. I love Cardcaptor Sakura. Whenever I am sick I watch as many episodes as I can in bed.

And Everyone, I will never stop blogging!!!! you will have to drag me away kicking. I was just planning on taking a few weeks off to figure out the bug and work on making my flickr account more banging.
Thanks for the love! I just wanted to explain to everyone that I might not be around for a bit.

And I will still read and comment on everyone's blogs, so it won't be like I am gone at all!

Amanda and Betty~I miss you guys so much, too! I hope we can al see each other soon, it has been too long!!!! I know Casey really wants to see Toshi as do I, so we may be heading to Washington soon. Betty, do you plan on being at grandma's at all this summer?

amy said...

I will miss you and look forward to your return. I will check out your flickr pictures in the meantime. I hope your summer treats you well. don't be a stranger, I will have many fun updates soon. I plomiss.

ling239 said...

Tks a lot bunbun!!
the roses are lovely... ^_^
u r so lucky to have so many of them...
if only i can have them here too ~

Ku said...

YAY more lovely photographs~! I will be spending much more time on your Flickr pages, I do believe. XD

I did not know purple roses existed in such a purple shade of purple. o.o
I didn't know "Honey and Clover" was a movie, either. I had only ever seen the books... ^^;

I will send you the little knotty pillow! You will save it from a dusty fate in my box-o-things that are finished and useless. XD

PS: Wow, I also have a weird phobia of watching movies... I never want to go to the theater, or watch shows that have deep plots where you really have to pay attention. o.o;; Warera, omoshiroi desu ne!

Milkberry said...

Hey Holly! Ooo I love the anime!! Morita is the sculptor/jack-of-all-trades. I love, love, love him!! You should definitely check out the anime, because somehow it's more of a slice-of-life story and you can relate to most of them. Hehe and also the anime's 2 seasons worth, so more fix for us yeay! The movie has its own credits and nice moments but seriously it's not the full story (and not the real story too hehe).

If you love Japanese movies, you should check out some titles like Hula Girls or Adrift in Tokyo (I love this!). Ooo I love CLAMP too!! Tsubasa Chronicles is just *squeeeeals*.

I'm a huge anime buff, my hubby says that I go "otaku-mode" whenever we go to Akihabara. I watch so many anime but I don't collect the toys or anything except the ones I really love, like Hachikuro (honey & clover). LOL I'm fangirling, sorrry~~~ *runs away*

Gina said...

absolutely gorgeous photo

Oiyi said...

The purple roses are beautiful. A friend gave me some for a birthday a few years ago. I especially like them because purple is my favorite color.

Oiyi said...

Btw, you don't have to use only blogger to post photos on the blog. You can use your photos from Flickr. If you click on one photo, on top there a option for "All Sizes", then on the bottom there will be a "To link to this photo on other websites you can either:" and they give you two options. Basically it's a HTML link to the photos and you can use that link on Blogger.

kawaii crafter said...

Sorry to hear blogger is giving you problems, the picture thing seems really odd. I can imagine how frustrating that must be for you. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. In the mean time I'll visit you on Flickr.

Little Paris said...

HEY Casey,

Let me check out any interesting things in HK for you^^

Take care,


Gina said...

Have flicker fun!

Sam's mistress said...

Oh that's nice!

Man! That picture is sweet!

We just got back from out hiatus ourselves, so we understand totally. Gotta take a break sometimes, right? We'll see you when you get back - have a happy break!

Angel said...

I have not had any trouble with posting multiple photos to a post on vox. Of course, it can be a pain to change blogging spots, but I really like their format. (Click on my name and you'll see my blog there for an example.)

Little Paris said...

Hi! how you are? I dropped a little parcel in the post last week from Hong Kong for you. I am now back home now =)

kirin said...

Hi, Kirin here.
I wanted to find you in flickr, but I was unable to reach you. How am I supposed to search you? By bunbun?
The reason I need to contact you is that I'm moving over to a new blog and I wonder if you still wanna ex-links with me, as you're off your blog for a while.
My new blog is Tokyo Kawaii, etc.

Please let me have your reply.
Thanks and hope to see you around, again. (^^)/