Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tour de North Portland

This has been one of the best weekends EVER! I always have great ones with Casey, each one always seems to to top the one before. It started off Friday afternoon, when I found out I was getting promoted at work! Totally unexpected, and I am still in shock. I really have begun to fall in love with where I work and feel really lucky to have gotten such a blessing. I am getting a rountine of daily life going well, something I have always had a hard time with before with work. I know things will change in the fall when I resume school, but right now I feel really content and motivated. That day, my wonderful mother in law Betty, and my lovely grandmother in law, Marie were in town for a whirlwind day with Casey, I met up with them and his stepfather at a local brewery and felt really excited because of my promotion. It was so good to see them, and I wish I could have spent more time.

Then on Saturday Casey had to work, so I went thrift store shopping and Goodwill (which is owned by Target) was selling brand new Target items for VERY cheap, mostly everything was 99cents, and had the original tags and everything. I got these curtains, and this is what I did with them in our bedroom.
And since I feel pretty blingin' with my new promotion and all, I treated myself to these gaudy flip flops, which I probably would never buy for full price, but hey, I actually really like them!
I bought so much more, which will be uploaded on to my flickr page, it is a little thing I like to do, upload all my thrift store scores, I have a special folder for them.
These are some Hydrangeas in our front yard about to bloom!Then came today....we woke up and had a yummy breakfast, I packed a picnic and we rode to Forest Park, locked up our bikes and then hiked for a few miles. Here is a little community garden overlooking the Willamette River that we stopped at. There were butterflies everywhere, it was just perfect.
Once we got back in to St. Johns, we rode around for a bit, stopping at antique shops and getting macaroons and espresso at Ladybug Coffee, my favorite coffee shop in St. Johns.
It was such a sweet little date. I love Casey! I thank the stars each day for having such a wonderful husband.
After a little relaxing, we rode a bike trail called Peninsula Crossing for a few miles, then rode home, boy was I tired when I got back! We took a nap in the hammock and then I made these Lemon Bars that I got from Alpine Berry, a food blog. Mine are more cookie like, than hers, but remember I bake out of a toaster oven, so things have to be small and I can never trust the oven gauge.

My tummy hurts a little bit because while I was taking pics, I ended up eating like 4 (maybe 5!) of them. So good and summery.
Portland summers remind you the reason why you stay here through cold, wet, and dreary (although I don't mind) winters. The airs smells like blackberries, and everything is just glowing!
Things are really good for me right now, I keep thinking that I am going to wake up and it will all be gone. I hope everyone out there is just as happy!


M.Kate said...

arrrghh...I am so envious of you life!!! Promotion, good baker, biking, picnics, and those flowers...woo..everything's so fun!!! My only regret in my life is not taking diving when I was much younger those days and now, I could not pry myself away from work and kids. Hubby's not exactly jumping over the moon that I want to take a diving course but i cant complain cos he lets me go for other holidays without him.

H, you are one lucky gal!! What a dedicated husband and I am still wishing I could make bento for my kids...I'll take that as an inspiration, will go find that bento box first!!!

Hugs always ;D ...and CONGRATS on the promo..that was fast and many more wonderful things coming your way for sure !!!!

Oiyi said...

Congrats on the promotion! I ma impressed that you bake with a toaster oven. I never trust mine for baking.

Milkberry said...

Wow you're so blessed! You have such a lovely house, lovely garden, a job you love, a great family of in-laws and most of all a great hubby!! You and Casey look so great together! I wish I could go to goodwill. Daiso (100yen shop) is great but wow, getting stuff from Target for 99yen is just awesome!! I hope you'll always be this happy, Holly!!

ling239 said...

Congratulations on ur promotion !! ^_^

i saw a similar pair of slippers at Esprit for RM69.90...>.<"

Fuji Mama said...


Betty said...

Your promotion is so exciting, I am just sorry we couldn't spend more time with you. Mom and I had a wonderful day with Casey, details will be posted on my blog later. I don't know how you bake in a toaster oven, but you mastered it, and you are able to create wonderful looking goodies.

average rai said...

What a fun weekend! You two are so cute together. :) And I love that picture of your bedroom. Have a wonderful week!

Hey Harriet said...

Congrats on your promotion. That's such a great achievement considering that you only just started your new job! Well done! All the cycling you do I think perfectly justifies indulging in too many sweet treats ;)

You & Casey make such an adorable couple!

Jorgelina said...

They passed it very well. Pretty flowers.
A greeting

amy said...

Hello bunbun,
The picture of you and Casey is adorable. You two look so happy together. Just like that song.

Your trip to the thrift store just reminded me of my last thrifty trip, I got the cooooolest thing but I wont say until I can get pictures of it. You'll have to wait I guess. Oooh anticipation.

Anyways, yum I love lemon bars. Send one my way.
I am happy for you, and just so you know, despite all the homebuying stress, my life is super happy toooooo! Hooray for summer!

Amanda said...

Congratulations on your promotion! I'm proud of you. :)